TRR Winter Calendar Update – Includes Social Sunday Morning Runs

Monday-Friday Calendar (start from Middle Ridge Park, Stenner St, 5:30pm)
Course Maps:  Nielsen Park | High St | Nelson St | Trails North (Summer) | Trails North (Winter) | East Creek | Hospital | USQ | Picnic Point | Trails South (Summer) | Trails South (Winter) | West Creek | Centenary Heights | Gold Park / Golf | Rangeville Ramble | Handley St | Smithfield

Wednesday Calendar  (start from Mothers’ Memorial, Burstow St, 5:30am and 5:30pm)
Course Maps:  Mt Lofty | Dudley St / Webb Park | Big Dipper | Curzon St | Phillip St | The Somme | Wooldridge St

We also now have a regular 5:30 am Friday morning run from Webb Park (car park near the toilets).